Release Branches

There are several release branches for Alpine Linux available at the same time. Each May and November we make a release branch from edge. The main repository is typically supported for 2 years and the community repository is supported until next stable release.

Security fixes beyond that can be made on request when there are patches available.

Branch Branch date Git Branch Minor releases End of support Support level
edge master bug fixes
v3.20 2024-05-22 3.20-stable bug fixes
v3.19 2023-12-07 3.19-stable sec fixes
v3.18 2023-05-09 3.18-stable sec fixes
v3.17 2022-11-22 3.17-stable sec fixes
v3.16 2022-05-23 3.16-stable on request
v3.15 2021-11-24 3.15-stable on request
v3.14 2021-06-15 3.14-stable on request
v3.13 2021-01-14 3.13-stable on request
v3.12 2020-05-29 3.12-stable on request
v3.11 2019-12-29 3.11-stable on request
v3.10 2019-06-19 3.10-stable none
v3.9 2019-01-29 3.9-stable none
v3.8 2018-06-26 3.8-stable none
v3.7 2017-11-30 3.7-stable none
v3.6 2017-05-24 3.6-stable none
v3.5 2016-12-22 3.5-stable none
v3.4 2016-05-31 3.4-stable none
v3.3 2015-12-18 3.3-stable none
v3.2 2015-05-26 3.2-stable none
v3.1 2014-12-10 3.1-stable none
v3.0 2014-06-04 3.0-stable none
v2.7 2013-11-08 2.7-stable none
v2.6 2013-05-17 2.6-stable none
v2.5 2012-11-07 2.5-stable none
v2.4 2012-05-02 2.4-stable none
v2.3 2011-11-01 2.3-stable none
v2.2 2011-05-06 2.2-stable none
v2.1 2010-11-01 2.1-stable none