We are pleased to announce Alpine Linux v2.5!

Since v2.4, among the various bugfixes, several packages have been upgraded:

- Kernel upgraded to 3.6.6 with grsecurity patch
- Asterisk v.11.0.1
- Xen 4.2 Dom0 Support
- Freeswitch 1.2.0
- PostgreSQL 9.2.1
- Ruby 1.9.3
- Libvirt 1.0

Some of the updated pacakges available from http repositories are:
- Xorg 1.13
- Mesa 9

...and much more.

The full lists of changes can be found in the git log and bug tracker.

Update (11/11/2012): Release notes for acf-core 0.15 are available from the Alpine Linux wiki and are applicable mainly for Alpine Configuration Framework (ACF) developers.



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