I am happy to announce that our 'edge' branch is now using musl libc.

Edge users you will have to do this to migrate:

  1. Edit /etc/apk/repositories and make sure that you don't mix edge and any
    stable branch (eg v2.x)
  2. Install static apk-tools and busybox. This is a safety net in case
    things goes wrong.
    apk add -U apk-tools-static busybox-static
  3. Run a simulation. This will show what will happen:
    apk.static upgrade --no-self-upgrade -U -a --simulate
  4. Perform the actual upgrade:
    apk.static upgrade --no-self-upgrade -U -a
  5. Reboot.

After this your system should be running musl.

The uclibc edge repos are still available but as 'edge-uclibc' instead of 'edge'.