Git repositories

Alpine Linux manages its code with GIT. To start developing on Alpine Linux please read our developer documentation

Bug tracker

Issue/bugs are managed via our bug tracker. All issues and package request should go there. New issues can be created by emailing alpine (at) bugs (dot) alpinelinux (dot) org.

IRC channels

Alpine Linux have registered the following channels on FreeNode:

For general discussion and quick support questions: #alpine-linux
For disussion of Alpine Linux development and developer support: #alpine-devel

Please be patient when asking questions there. Might take a while for someone to answer.

If you are new to IRC and would like to try it out, you can use Freenode webchat. Make sure you use one of the above channels.

Mailing lists

Mailing List Archives A Web listing of the mailing list archives in a searchable format. Since the mailing list is hosted on Alpine Linux, we are using mlmmj for the mailing list, hypermail for translation into html and swish-e for search. (Please don't top-post to the list as it makes the archives more or less useless.)


Mailing list for Alpine Linux development.